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5 Basic Barber Bullets


Good barbers are always booked. Make your appointment in advance or if the service is first come first serve, arrive at least 30 minutes early to ensure a time slot. Always anticipate to wait longer than the estimated wait time.


A $25 haircut can often times be on the same level as a $40 cut, but a $10 haircut may result in weeks of hiding under a hat. Price is always dictated by the clientele and neighborhood; if you are in an upscale part of town expect to pay more. But some of the most talented barbers are affordable in modest neighborhoods. A good example of an excellent barber located in a "hole in the wall" locale is Neighborhood Barbers in the East Village - very affordable cuts with a high-end clientele. Your best bet is to ask customers about their haircut experience and proceed with what your budget will allow. I have encountered stellar haircuts from $13 to $60, so explore until you find that perfect haircut. Once you have found your "golden" barber, never stray.


A good barber will take the time to listen to what you want. Never feel rushed, you are the valued paying customer. Avoid a barber with attitude - first, there's a chance he won't listen to what you want; second, who wants to pay for attitude when you can get that just about everywhere for free. If possible, have a picture of the haircut you want and communicate the accurate length you desire. Listen to his suggestions too; remember, they do this for a living, and know a thing or two the rest of us don't.




Blossom Restaurant, 103 Bowery, Manhattan.


I usually tell the barber that I want to look like my haircut is one week old (this is usually the peak time a haircut looks its best). Convey to him how fast your hair grows and keep the descriptions simple and accurate. Remember that hair grows faster in the warmer months.


Make sure the barber tapers the cut according to the shape of your head. If you have a rounder face, a vertical taper will help make your face appear thinner. For a longer face, make sure to ask for a slightly fuller style, making sure to keep the top shorter - too much height will make your face appear elongated. Balance is key unless you are looking to construct the perfect Pomp.

Sit still, relax, enjoy the conversation and don't forget to leave a good tip for a good service (20% plus is the standard).

Mr. Grant
(Grant's Golden Brand)