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6 Top Fall Skincare Tips for Men

Posted by Matthew Ruggieri on

6 Top Fall Skincare Tips for Men

It’s finally fall – and that means it’s time for cooler weather, holiday activities, and yes, football. But in the midst of all these changes, it’s easy to let things like skincare fall by the wayside. With temperatures dropping, you may find that your skin’s needs are different than in summer.

Your fall skincare routine should incorporate healing and repair of the skin from summer weathering and extra hydration before winter hits. Here are our 6 top fall skincare tips:

Switch to a light face wash and toner

During the summer, you produce more oil, so gel cleansers and foaming washes are key. But cooler weather can be harsher on your skin, so switch to a mild, non-drying cleanser like Urth Skin Solutions for Men Face Wash. And don’t forget to cleanse after your workout, and once more before bed. For oiler skin, try using a gentle alcohol-free toner, like this Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner.

 Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Let’s be real: this is a year-round tip, and it’s especially important in fall. Stick with a lightweight but deeply hydrating moisturizer for fall like this one from Buckler's. Stepping up your moisturizer is important to protect your face from the drier fall air.

Keep using sun protection

Although summer is over, you’ve got to keep up with your sun protection routine. Try using a moisturizer with SPF like Port Products Marine Layer Sol Defense SPF17 Daily Moisturizer to keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays.

Grow out a beard

In the cooler months, growing out a beard can help keep your face warm. Plus, who doesn’t love No-Shave November? But just because you’re planning on letting your facial hair grow doesn’t give you an excuse to stop grooming. Make sure you use a beard oil to keep hair soft, without losing the scruffy look. 

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Though many men skip this skip, exfoliating your skin is key during fall because it removes the dead skin cells that trap oil. Using a facial scrub regularly can help prevent acne, even out your skin tone and brighten your face. Win-win-win! We especially love Triumph & Disaster’s Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub for a deep clean.

Use lip balm

Chapped lips = not sexy. And they’re common during fall and winter due to the drier, cooler air. Make sure you use a lip balm that has SPF protection like the Chapped Lip Remedy from Buckler’s.

Fall is the perfect time to repair summer damage and close out the year with smooth, clear skin. Though the idea of changing up your skin care routine just for a new season may seem intimidating, these subtle tweaks in your fall skincare routine are important to maintaining a fresh complexion.

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