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Imperial Barber Products

Imperial Barber Products Glycerin Shave/Face Soap


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A dual-purpose, all-natural facial cleansing and shaving bar. It rids face of dirt and toxins while also providing a rich lather.

IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS set out to evolve the craft of American men's grooming by bringing time-honored grooming traditions into the home via all-natural, utilitarian, premium products. The IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS Glycerin Shave/Face Soap is a dual-purpose, all-natural facial cleansing and shaving bar.

This hydrating bar soap rids your face of dirt and toxins while also providing a rich lather and moisturizing ingredients for a smooth shave. Hydrating glycerin and vitamin E leave skin clean but not tight. The soap can be worked into a lather and applied to facial hair for shaving.This soap rinses clean and won't leave any residue.

Why It’s Different:
Infused with Vitamin E, Safflower, Palm and Coconut Oils to moisturize skin and provide optimal shaving glide.
It’s unscented making it perfect for sensitive skin types.
100% natural and vegan. No parabens, sulfates, mineral oil or lanolin. 

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    Product Size 6.2 oz / 176 g
    How to Use For daily cleansing: Work into a lather and massage into wet skin. For shaving: Work into a lather with warm water and apply to damp facial hair. Shave as usual.

Customers say...

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    Review by Jack on May 29, 2015

    Solid Shave Soap

    I was looking for a shave soap that wasn't loaded with a long list of polysyllabic chemicals, but could still offer a comfortable wet shave with my safety razor. Found it! As the previous reviewer noted, it is about the size of a regular bar of soap, which may be problematic for most shave dishes, but that is really the only comment I have that is even quasi-negative. The soap lathers up nicely with my badger hair brush, has no discernible scent, and offers an easy glide for my razor without any irritation. Also moisturizes my face enough that I don't even need a post-shave balm. Added bonus: I can pronounce and even recognize most of the ingredients!
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    Review by Jacob on April 4, 2014

    Good, long-lasting shave soap

    I've been using this on an almost daily basis for over a month and it has been excellent thus far. Keeps irritation to a minimum, and provides a nice lather when combined with a boar bristle brush. I haven't used it as a facial soap, so I can't comment on that aspect of it. The large size of the bar is the only potential negative, as it about as large as a normal bar of soap and might not fit in some soap mugs intended for smaller shaving bars.
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