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The Motley

The Motley Travel Bag


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Main compartment with zipper, exterior zippered compartment and side handle.

Perfect for holding your travel essentials, this black canvas bag folds flat to save space when not in use. The zippered main compartment is roomy and reinforced against spills from the inside. An exterior zippered pocket is ideal for holding combs, q tips and tweezers. A side handle makes it easy to grab and go.

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    Winner of Feature No
    Product Size 9 in. X 5 in. X 2 in.
    How to Use Keep your travel-sized grooming elements inside.
    Ingredients n/a

Customers say...

  • 1 / 5


    Review by Alex on October 17, 2015


    great free gift for spending a certain amount on great products, decently sized carrying case for whatever you please
  • 2 / 5


    Review by Brian on March 19, 2015


    Great for a free gift. Works best for travel sized products.
  • 3 / 5


    Review by Daniel on February 15, 2015

    Fits a Few Decently Sized Items Perfectly

    I've received two of these bags from The Motley (and have misplaced one, Doh!) and have a great affinity for this bag. 1) I've received these as a "free gifts" for spending more than a certain dollar amount with The Motley. I've recently come back from a business trip and must say that this bag worked out perfectly for carrying a few items. I was able to pack a normal sized deodorant, and both my Cremo Face Wash and Moisturizer bottles perfectly into the larger pouch with ease. I was also able to add my travel fragrance from the Motley, as well. I didn't end up using the smaller side-zippered pouch, but I expect that I could add smaller items if need be like mentioned in the description above (short business trip). I would love to see a bag like this from The Motley that was maybe twice as long and twice as deep. Then I could put EVERYTHING in one of these bags. That would be awesome. What's not mentioned in the description that is a definite stand out is the inner lining of this bag: it appears to be a faux-semi-gloss-leather-quilted material. It's soft and grips items in the bag tightly. It also prevents spills from happening, should that be an issue for items packed inside (it wasn't for me at all, even through airport baggage claim! - and you know that's a nightmare.) $14 is a great price, but if this is still available as a free gift, do not hesitate! :)
  • 4 / 5


    Review by Matthew on September 3, 2014


    Small compared to most, but really a perfect size, because it's not wasting space inside a carry on, etc. If you mostly use travel size products, then this is perfect to fit everything you need!
  • 5 / 5


    Review by Christian on August 9, 2014


    Great bag! It's smaller than a lot of travel/dopp kits, but it works perfectly if you use the travel-sized products that The Motley offers. I recently brought it on a week-long trip, and was able to fit everything I needed in the bag.
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