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Our team creates superior experiences.

Our brand mission is to redefine the way that men purchase personal care products. Just like us, you've probably spent some time in the beauty aisle at the drug store. It's not fun. What about shopped on Zappos? That's better.

At the core, we're about enhancing the online shopping experience. Sometimes that means calling a customer directly to offer them a discount and other times that means enhancing our UI. We're based in Los Angeles (Silverlake, to be exact) and are always looking for stand-out talent to join our team. Does that sound like you?

Online Marketing

Since we're exclusively online, this is really important.

We have a story to tell and a distinct voice to tell it in. It's your job to develop and execute product marketing strategies across the website (shop and editorial), email, and social. Then, you have to make sure that it is working.

Customer Support

We take customer support seriously.

Our customer experience extraordinaires play an irreplaceable role in the success of our company. The perfect Extraordinaire aspires to be a fantastic advocate for our customer, delivering superior service and helping design the best service policies. It's your job to make our front-line experience friendly and awesome.


With great design at the forefront of our brand, our work has been featured in several prestigious design publications.

It'll be your job to make sure that our graphic design is always true to our brand. Our in-house team designs for the web, but also for the products we sell. If you're an expert in InDesign and CSS, you'll be the perfect candidate.

Are you still interested in interning or working with us? If so, e-mail a short bio about yourself and your resume to

Skip the cover letter and get to the good stuff. In 2-5 words, give us the answers to the following questions: What defines happiness to you? What music are you listening to right now? Winter, Fall, Spring or Summer? Cocktail party, dance party, or no party? What are you passionate about? How can we find world peace?

P.S. We're looking for interns year round and offer school credit.