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Osma Bloc D'Alun

Bloc Osma

Osma Bloc D'Alun


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An antiseptic astringent after-shave block to instantly treat nicks and cuts.

An after-shave block that contains antiseptic properties to cool and refresh skin after shaving and astringent properties that instantly curb bleeding caused by nicks and cuts.

Why It's Different:
Nicks are unfortunately an occasional side effect of shaving, but no need for toilet paper gauze or bandages with this after-shave block’s blood clotting ingredients. It can also be used as a natural deodorant and antiperspirant.

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    Product Size 0.6 OZ
    How to Use Wet the block and apply to face post shave. Dab dry with a towel.
    Ingredients 100% Natural Potassium Alum.

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