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The Motley

The Motley Bergamo Cologne


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Bergamo brings to mind the light, carefree feel of the Mediterranean coast. Notes of Bergamot, Lime, Saltwater, Tomato stem and Juniper.

Bergamo brings to mind the light, carefree feel of the Mediterranean coast. Its notes are citrusy and green with hints of ocean air. Bergamot from southern Italy mixes with lime. Earthy notes of tomato stem, cut grass, juniper and oakmoss give the scent a more complex, green base. Saltwater adds a cool, crisp edge.

Each bottle is compounded and hand-poured in Los Angeles and each tin container is personalized to add an extra level of individuality.

This cologne comes in both 8 ml Rollerball and 2 fl oz Spray options.

This product contains alcohol & will ship separately (3-5 business days).

This fragrance contains essential oils. Any visible particulate matter is naturally occurring.

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    Winner of Feature No
    How to Use The key to enjoying splash perfumes is patience. It is a very different experience than spraying a cologne and getting a burst of top notes. It takes time. We suggest that you gently rub onto your skin. Put a dab on each wrist & on the sides of your neck. Give it time to absorb. Once that happens, the scent will begin to come to life.
    Ingredients Fragrance, alcohol.

Customers say...

  • 1 / 9


    Review by Hugh on February 4, 2017


    I love the smell of Bergamo. It's light and unlike any cologne Ive looked at in department stores. I think the smell lasts pretty well throughout the course of the night.
  • 2 / 9


    Review by Jason on January 25, 2017

    Vibrant, but short lived

    Easily one of my new favorites—would totally get 5 stars if it lasted longer. The half-life is a bit brief.
  • 3 / 9


    Review by Marc on January 18, 2017


    I was looking for a lighter more citrusy smelling cologne and this fit the bill. I find this preferable to the other Motley colognes that I have sampled that are a bit heavier.
  • 4 / 9


    Review by andrew on December 8, 2015


    By far my favorite of the Motley Sampler I ordered and I agree that it 'smells far better on the skin as the day goes by'. A good cologne to have in the arsenal.
  • 5 / 9


    Review by Bret on May 26, 2015

    Awesome, just needs to last longer

    This scent works perfectly for me in Southern California and I prefer it to the other Motley scents I sampled. Love the bright, citrus aromas. My only complaint is that the smell seems to fade after only a couple of hours of wear.
  • 6 / 9


    Review by Jordan on July 23, 2014

    Fantastic. Love it more than anything

    Spicy citrus with some nice musky undertones. smells better on the skin than anything i've ever worn. could last a little longer, but its great.
  • 7 / 9


    Review by Jake on April 22, 2014

    My go-to summertime scent

    I was wearing OUD all winter, but as the weather is getting warmer, I find myself wanting a lighter scent. I splash it on each wrist and on my neck and Bergamo does the job for me.
  • 8 / 9


    Review by Mark on April 16, 2014

    Light and Citrus-y

    I really love this scent for daytime wear. It's very light and reminds me of the ocean with a kick of lime and orange groves mixed in.
  • 9 / 9


    Review by Alex on January 5, 2014

    Short n Fruity

    This scent smells okay. Smelling it straight from the bottle first smells kind of like fruit loops, but smells far better on the skin as the day goes by. Does not last as long as Atlas. Overall a scent for beginners with sensitivity towards bold fragrances.
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