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"My morning routine is the foundation of the rest of my day, so I try to be really intentional about how I start out." 

Do you have a morning resolution for 2020?  I have a habit of diving right into work emails at all hours of the day, so I'm trying to curtail that by being mindful of my work life balance and giving myself some "me time" each morning. Then I enter the day cool-headed and collected.

How do you fuel?  I put my pour-over to work each morning. I’ve really gotten into the ritual of it. I also make myself a breakfast smoothie. It’s the perfect meal on the go.

Go-to fragrance for the workday?  I find myself reaching for CYPRUS on a daily basis. The notes of shave cream and ginger are super clean and refreshing and work well year round.

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Setting a mood…   On colder mornings, I like to burn a DESERT SAGE CANDLE and listen to Spotify jams while I’m getting ready. I’m into discovering new music, so I like to explore playlists. Right now I'm listening to one called Brain Food.

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What’s one product that has changed your morning?  
The PORT PRODUCTS MARINE LAYER® UNDER EYE RECOVERY GEL has saved my tired eyes. Now at least if I didn’t get enough sleep, I don’t look it.

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