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Might be the best Oud cologne out there. Masculine but not over bearing or overpowering. Oozes confidence and self assuredness. Will be appreciated by those who have an appreciation for Oud and masculine scents. If you like the Palo Santo this could be a step up. Spicy, leathery, dark, rich with some musk. Excellent suggestion by the Motley staff.


This is a great cologne. I tried it in a store in NYC earlier in the day. When I got home late that evening, the scent could still be detected, but by no means in an overpowering way. It is masculine yet retains an elegance that is perfect for the evening. I get a lot of comments from both guys and girls. Very happy with this product.

Deep, woods scent

I like to switch back and forth between fragrances and Oud is the perfect night time or winter scent in my opinion. It's very woody and has a hint of sweetness to add layers to the scent. I like that it isn't super spicy or musky. If your not a fan of strong cologne but want something darker, this is your best bet.

The Motley

The Motley Oud Cologne


OUD embodies the warm, dark intrigue of night in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Woody and complex, aromatic oud is a fragrance long prized in the Middle East
  • Myrrh and black agarwood bring to mind the sweet, smoky scent of incense
  • Spicy, herbal notes of white sage, juniper and black pepper give the fragrance complexity
  • Bourbon vanilla and leather add sensuousness

Why we love it: The deeply layered aromas of OUD coalesce around a nocturnal ambiance making it the perfect date night scent. Pairs well with a dim lighting, a corner booth and a reservation at the coolest place in town.

This fragrance contains essential oils. Any visible particulate is naturally occurring.

Size: 2 oz / 59mL

How to Use: Spray onto the wrists and neck from 6-12 inches away.

Full Ingredients: Fragrance, alcohol.

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No controversial chemicals or by-products. 100% cruelty free. Made in the U.S.A.

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